Aged Care


Aged Care

Our services embody the values of confidence and choice – the choice of care and the confidence that comes from knowing that you, or the person you care about, will receive a quality, personalised and professional service in your home where you are most comfortable.

New Age home care specialises in caring for clients with a variety of in-home care options such as Dementia Care, Palliative Care, Cancer Care and Post surgery Care. All our care options can be designed to suit your needs for exactly the amount of time you required, up to 24 hour care.

Our passionate team of care workers understand the hardships experienced by families when dealing with the care needs of your loved ones and are committed to supporting independent lifestyle choices.

New Age Home care is proud to be known as a provider that is particularly stringent when it comes to the selection of our support staff. We only employ care professionals with exemplary credentials or experience, and our extensive recruitment processes ensure we can match each client with the right carer or support worker. We do not compromise on your safety and ensure every staff member appointed within the organization has undergone a National Police check and has proven they have no criminal convictions against their name.

All of our staff are covered by relevant insurances including work cover, public liability and professional indemnity.

Help me get funding for Home Care

To be eligible for a subsidised Home Care Package, you must register with My Aged Care and be assessed by an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) or My Aged Care. We can help you do this by phone or online.  Please feel free to call us.

I have been Approved a Home Care Package. What does this mean?

If you have received a letter which states you have been Approved for a Home Care Package, this means you have been assessed by the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) as eligible for a funded package. Your name has now been added to the national priority queue.

Don't worry. New Age Home Care can help you.

If you’ve decided that you would like New Age Home Care to be your new Home Care Package Approved Provider, we can take care of all of the paperwork.
We are here to help you. Please call or email and we can discuss options and organise information and a no obligation free visit to help guide you.

What to do next?

Once you have a Home Care Agreement, a care plan and an individualised budget, your care and services can begin.
Your Home Care Package starts on the day your Home Care Agreement is signed. As part of the Aged Care Reforms you may move your package to a new provider at any stage.

The Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) will determine the level of care that you require.

There are four levels of care within the Home Care Packages program, with each level differing in the quantity of services and resources available.

Home Care Package Level 1

Basic level of entry into home care packages and is designed to support people with basic care needs. Clients are generally very independent but have some illness or injury preventing them from doing all the things they have previously been able to do themselves.

Home Care Package Level 2

Support to people with low level care needs who are still independent in areas such as personal care, but need a bit more support each week to remain independent in home help or accessing the community if they can no longer drive.

Home Care Package Level 3

Client requiring an intermediate level of care need. Most clients will have been assessed by ACAT as requiring some support in personal care, meal preparation and usually medication support.

Home Care Package Level 4

To support people with high care needs. Most clients will have support in personal care from five to seven times per week, and up to twice daily.